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Oh steam sales How I will miss you.
Borderlands 2 codes!
Posted March 3, 2013 by BlazeGallent in GameKrib, Gaming
was browsing the web and found some codes! Have fun with them my gaming Community!

For PS3: 5JKJJ-CXZ53-5WWKT-H3WBJ-ZZ55X (Valid Until: 3/4/2013)
For X360: WB5TJ-9KF95-3TZ3X-KR3JJ-FW9R3 (Valid Until: 3/4/2013 )
For PC/Mac: KJWJ3-SCBFK-S5F3J-JBBB3-BHCJ3 (Valid Until: 3/4/2013)

For PS3: WBK3B-FKWCTView Entire Blog (5 Comments)