BlazeGallent's Krib

Oh steam sales How I will miss you.
About Me
22 Year old Gamer. Canadian so you know i rock Tongue (really don't have an ego fyi Wink )I'm a Laid back gamer who can be competitive if i need to be, But just like to mess around and have fun. Also If anyone needs help with an achievement, Just ask I will be happy to help out ^.^

Always looking for cool people to game with or just chat with, So if you think you can stand me add me up on xbox.
Oh and if you stop by say hi, I wont bite i promise. Oh and im shy, so that may be why i wont say hi first xD Yeah my bad for that lol
Games I'm Playing Now
Alright so I'm playing league of legends alot. I like the game, but have to take breaks because the trolling in that game is huge lol. Been playing persona 4 because i love the persona series. Also disciples 3 and alot of other random games. just trying to beat games i have bought and barely played atm. Also thinking of doing reviews on games, but i need to get a new camcorder.
All Time Favorite Games
The Legend of Zelda. All of them.
Willow (nes)
Radiata Stories.
Mass effect
Fallout 3
Silent hill
Legend of dragoon
Final fantasy 7
Dragon quest 8
Breath of fire 3&4
Shinning force exa
Persona 3
Persona 4
.hack//G.U. Volumes 1 2 3
Final fantasy 10
Disgaea 2
Empire earth
Age of empires