My Razer Onza TE Review

Posted April 8, 2011 by Blinding in Gaming
So, I found a place online that luckily had these in stock and made absolutely no hesitation in purchasing it (with overnight shipping, too.) While I was planning on doing an unboxing video, I realized how lame those are and decided I'd just type up how I feel about the controller after a couple days worth of use, so let's jump in, shall we?

This controller feels amazing, if you've ever owned a Razer mouse, you should be use to the feel of the rubberized grip they use and how well it allows you to, well, grip the controller. It's a bit lighter then a normal 360 wired controller, and has a similar shape to the original Xbox S-Controller (which I loved 100x better then the 360 wired controllers.) Everything is where you would expect it to be regarding buttons, except the Start and Back buttons, which have been moved to the bottom (right above the mic jack,) just like on the original Xbox controllers. It fits nicely in my hands and feels like a quality product, my only issue would be with the sharp edges at the top of the controller above the bumpers (but that's mostly because I claw, and even then isn't that big of an issue.)

The joysticks, as I expected, are amazing. They have an extra bit of height to them due to the adjustable tension, but that wasn't even noticeable for me. With the adjustable tension, you can make the joysticks feel like they're brand new and need to be broken in, or like you've been using them for 2+ years (this is helped by the lack of directional nubs that are on new controllers that you have to wear down.) I did, however, have an issue with the joysticks, one that was easily solved though due to a built in function; that issue would be slow-turn. After a few hours of use I started to notice that when I would Ogre twitch, looking to the left and then going down was slower then everything else; so I hopped on the Razer support site and found a simple solution to the problem: unplug the controller, hold down the two buttons on the back of the controller that set the multi-function buttons, plug it back in, and then tap A, which changed the orientation of the joysticks from 90 degrees to 45 degrees, eliminating the slow-turn I experienced completely.

The face buttons are also superb, and comparable to what you expect from clicking a Razer mouse (in fact, it makes that exact same clicking noise.) They're all very responsive, and are a lot more shallow then the face buttons on the normal 360 controllers, meaning they react to your reflexes instantly instead of waiting for the button to travel down. There has been a few rare occasions where they'll be a bit sensitive, like I'll just be using the joysticks and randomly melee because my index finger barely brushed over the B button. But again, this doesn't happen that often, making it not that big of a deal.

Along with the face buttons, the d-pad got a revamp, and now actually lets you know what direction you're pressing as all four directions are individual buttons. While the d-pad isn't of quality you'd expect for fighting games, for going through players on your team while in death screen, it feels a lot more like something you expect the regular 360 controllers to have and gets the job done perfectly. Just like with everything else, they respond very quickly and feel very nice.

And now to the triggers. Before purchasing my Onza, I was reading over at the MLG forums that the triggers were awkward because of the curve they have (seemingly designed for racing games instead of shooters.) I can honestly say that I have not experienced any awkwardness from the triggers because of their curve, if anything I feel like the triggers fit my fingers better and allow me to squeeze them easier. However, the triggers have an insane response time, meaning you only have to pull the trigger down about a quarter of the way for it to do it's action, which has in turn made me have to adjust my shot and the like to prevent myself from spamming when I want to pace and vice versa.

Oh, and let me not forget about the two new additional bumpers. It took me a bit to get use to them, and instead of just jumping in with the bumpers mapped to whatever I wanted I instead realized it would take a bit to get adjusted to and mapped them each to the regular bumper they were above, that way if I hit one accidentally while going for the regular bumper it wouldn't cause me to do something I didn't want. After you get use to them, it feels as natural as it does playing on a normal 360 controller, they both respond as you expect and are easy to remap to whatever you like. To do that, you just hold the button on the back of the controller for the bumper you want to remap, and then tap whatever button you want, and that's it, simple, easy, painless.

Overall, I absolutely love this controller. Whatever issues I've had with it have been easily fixed because Razer realized that they aren't perfect and put in solutions for said problems, and just like with buying any new controller, it does take some time to get adjusted to the changes. It looks, feels, and handles nicely, and has become my favorite controller ever by far. For those of you who are looking into one of these but aren't sold on it yet, I highly recommend you get one, or at least get a friend who has one so you can try it out, it's worth every penny. Grin
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AustinGIR April 8, 2011 10:38 pm
Sweet, I'm planning on picking one up in the future along with the Chimaeras.
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Valor April 8, 2011 9:40 pm
Sick review, and I will be buying one when I get back to the states