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who's getting the xbox1
Hello fellow gamers I was just seeing if anybody still plays rainbow six if so lets make an event where we all go play and have fun on a platnium hit game play terriost hunt and/or campaign even massive grenade throwing multiplayer action let me know and I will post a date and time to meet up since View Entire Blog (1 Comment)
i was just wondering if there was anyway we could buy a gamekrib shirt i think that would be bad ass for the fellow gamekrib gamers like long sleeves t-shirts and/maybe hoodies i love hoodies......anyways i was just thinking that was an idea thats all so i hope the admin sees this and hopefully put View Entire Blog (3 Comments)
Fat Robot T
Gears of War 3 Beta
Posted April 11, 2011 by Fat Robot T in Gaming
This is for the week before the beta is finally realeased I would like to get a group of people that will be playing this game and start a party just to have fun and share each others view on this gameView Entire Blog (4 Comments)
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