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Brink Improvements

Posted May 30, 2011 by Mr Muggles in Miscellaneous, Personal, Gaming
So a lot of people were looking forward to Brink, and a lot of people were let down when it finally came out. Setting aside the fact that Brink was a let down many of us may agree that Brink had amazing potential, and maybe some still think it does.
I have a have some theorys as to why Brink turned out the way it did, but I'm not actually here to talk about what I think led Brink to be an upset.

In case you didn't know, Splash Damage and Bethesda will be throwing out DLC's for Brink for free. is this that hope that we are waiting for? Here is a list of improvements that should be done to Brink.

Forget the Weapons, Abilities, and Clothes. The number one thing that pissed me as well as many others off with this game is the Dumb SH*T AI, Don't believe me?

These guys need to get their priorities in order. The first thing on their list of things to do is capture the command posts... Although, capturing command posts gives your entire team a slight edge, it doesn't actually help all that much for completing the main objective. The AI also need to learn some more variety. They usually take the exact same route every single time, and rarely stray from their routine. This makes it really easy to guess where they are gonna go and on many maps you can just hunker down and wait for them to come, then they basically walk into a wall of bullets. lastly they need to get some better awareness. On more than one occasion you can walk right in front of their face and they won't even recognize you as a enemy it seemed (you don't even need to be a disguised operative), and other times while they are shooting at someone they don't even think about cover even if they are standing right next to it.

The other thing that could be improved a little bit is the story. It was very brief and your basically left to figure out how everything went down by yourself. They should add some more back story, as well as some more reasons for doing or not doing things. Personally I wondered why the Rebels didn't talk to the security about what they wanted or vise versa. Where are all the peace keepers in all of this? Also, where are the Rebels getting their information from? seeing as how all the information they have is completely backwards. could this be splash damage's way of setting up a future story? if it is that story better be better than this one...

the last improvement that needs to be made which they are currently working on is the online issues involving lag as well as bugs and glitches.

if I missed any improvements that NEED to be made leave em in the comment section, otherwise I'm going to start talking about miscellaneous improvements that "could" be made to increase the entertainment of the gameplay.

these ideas are my own opinion. Things I would like to see, if you have you own idea(s) leave it in the comments section.

I want more parkour. Wall jumping, sliding, and vaulting is all very fun but it needs some more... as well as some more reality. some of the heights that can be jumped from look pretty dangerous, and you can jump off them with ease, and with out any fall damage? is the ground made from marshmallow like material in the future(fyi, brink is set in the future)? it certainly doesn't look like marshmallows... to add some realism to this they should add a safety roll (rolling into the fall when you hit the ground to reduce impact on your legs). Not only would a safety roll make more sense it would be more bad ass (especially if you could shoot while in the roll).
Another parkour like ability I would like to see is diving. I find it hard to explain what I mean by diving so I'll add a picture that will hopefully show what I mean.

this ability could be used in dire situations to jump behind cover (instead of climbing over to cover) and while jumping you could shoot at your enemies. Basically this ability would be an aerial version of sliding. you could even deal melee damage if you hit someone while in mid air. (this ability could be activated by double taping the jump button while holding down the SMART, aka sprint, button)

something non Parkour I think they should have is the ability to go prone. the ability to go prone is something I think all shooting games should have.
Also at the end of a slide you automatically stand up, sometimes I don't wanna stand up, if I keep holding the crouch button I should be able to stay down but I don't. change please?

I also think some changes should be made to the body types. Maybe its just me but the only benefits the Heavy class seem to have is heavy weaponry. they are really slow, don't have that much more defense than other classes and I find them a huge pain to use. they should deal more melee damage if they don't already, and perhaps make it harder to knock them down or damage them to make up for their inability to run away to cover when surprise attacked. I hope this doesn't make them to beast but I find them pretty easy to kill over other body types atm.

lastly I think they should give the ability to dual wield certain guns. I saw it one of splash damage's trailer vids a guy dual wielding pistols and was half expecting to see that in game. In Brink when you use a secondary gun that only requires one hand, by default you use your other hand to hold a knife, more melee damage? instead of this knife I would like another gun, seeing as how most the guns have bad accuracy as is another gun shouldn't make it to much worse. Besides, I hardly ever use a melee attack, slide attacking someone is easier than normal melee attacking someone in this game.

and that pretty much concludes my ideas. hope this sparks your creative juices and makes you think up your own ideas for improvement. if it does leave a comment I would like to hear your idea.

P.S. if your wondering why I did not suggest any more guns, clothing, maps, attachments, abilities, etc. its not because I don't think the game could use it or make it better but because I know they are coming out with more of those in their DLCs to come, and if its on their list of things to do I don't need to talk about it.
And if you made it this far I am very impressed, you sir/miss are very patient, congratulations. thanks for reading.
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IrishGeek May 31, 2011 4:46 pm
Nicely done sir, nicely done.