Achievements are GameKrib's fun way of rewarding you for above average activity and special occasions.
Reaching Out
50 XP Post 5 comments.
Social Butterfly
500 XP Post 300 comments.
Comment Machine
1,000 XP Post 1000 comments.
Forum Newbie
50 XP Post on the forums 5 times.
Lost in a Sea of Topics
500 XP Post on the forums 300 times.
Devoted Conversationalist
1,000 XP Post on the forums 1000 times.
Oh Hai Thar
50 XP Post an introduction in the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
Three's Company
50 XP Become friends with 3 gamers.
Acquaintance Master
500 XP Become friends with 50 gamers.
No More Gaming Alone
1,000 XP Become friends with 200 gamers.
Has an Opinion
50 XP Add 2 blogs.
Listen to Me
500 XP Add 50 blogs.
Always Has Something to Say
1,000 XP Add 200 blogs.
Uploading isn't so Hard
50 XP Upload 2 photos.
Visual Stimulator
500 XP Upload 30 photos.
1,000 XP Upload 150 photos.
Hey...Watch This
50 XP Add 2 videos.
Video Expert
500 XP Add 30 videos.
Transferring YouTube...One Video at a Time
1,000 XP Add 150 videos.
Reminder: Boosting achievements by any means will result in losing achievements or being banned, read the full rule in the TOS.