I feel like I deserve an achievement or some sort of electronic popping up telling me I dun good...

what I'm talking about is my computer. I FINALLY figured out what was wrong with it and I'm using it right now :>
in loooove~ <3

turns out I needed another power cable in my GPU, once I did that it View Entire Blog
So the other day I started building my desktop computer, and I started off following a youtube video. I should mention this was my very first shot at ever building a computer... It was going fairly well at first, then I think about when they were installing the last part into the computer my head aView Entire Blog
Mr Muggles
New Desktop
Posted April 14, 2011 by Mr Muggles in Miscellaneous, Gaming
Kay so I never built a Desktop before, didn't really know a whole lot about hardware...

anyway I'm just copying down the parts that are going into my new desktop, I bought a few of the parts already, in 2 weeks I'll have the rest, it is a VERY pricey computer with the budget I originally started onView Entire Blog (5 Comments)