Kelly barehanded a one-hopper,
Posted April 19, 2014 by ldh2013
MIAMI -- Heat guard Dwyane Wade is not playing when Miami hosts Houston on Sunday, one day after the All-Star dislocated his left index finger. Wade is one of four Miami players ruled out for the game. Chris Bosh is missing his fourth straight game because of muscle fatigue in his legs, and Ronny TuView Entire Blog
Avenger Controller :D
Posted November 3, 2011 by wookiemanig23 in Gaming, News, GameKrib
So a friend showed this to me, and I thought this was pretty much the coolest thing ever, and a must have for MLG.

The only downside to this, its about the same price as a normal controller.

Product Specifications:

-External adapter for the XBOX360 controller
-Improves situational awarView Entire Blog (12 Comments)
My Razer Onza TE Review
Posted April 8, 2011 by Blinding in Gaming
So, I found a place online that luckily had these in stock and made absolutely no hesitation in purchasing it (with overnight shipping, too.) While I was planning on doing an unboxing video, I realized how lame those are and decided I'd just type up how I feel about the controller after a couple dayView Entire Blog (2 Comments)