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Tell A Lie About The Person Above You.
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#16 November 6, 5:59 pm
Zerrissen and I fought each other once in a heated conflict and after many days, our body's lay bloody, beaten and bruised. We each possessed an equal measure of immense strength, which he acquired from his attendance at the Mr. T school of toughness and intimidating scowls, where he majored in Mohawk social studies and minored in feathered earrings. Where as I acquired my strength through my religious use of my shake-weight! In a last ditch effort to defeat the other, we each picked up a beast, he a beaver, I a duck. We throw the beasts at one another and as they collided in the air, they synthesized with each other, in effect creating the Platypus!
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#17 November 6, 6:03 pm
Reckless once played dead for a week so well that he was declared dead and eventually buried. During the autopsy, the doctors found $87.64 in assorted change, fifteen rubber bands, and a Kuiper Belt object in his stomach. After awakening, he dug his way out of the ground, and proceeded to eat a small group of school children to regain his power.

Then he went to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard.
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#18 November 6, 6:11 pm
durandal once thought it would be a funny joke to put super glue in a lube bottle....the funny part is he ended up using it on himself.
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#19 November 6, 6:40 pm
Zerreissen, once a great cop in the greater Houston area, was one day patrollin' along in his district when he witness a crash! Both drivers flew out of there cars and met in the middle. Zerr quickly sped to the scene and got out and announced "I'm officer Zerreissen Reese's whats going on here!?" Man 1: "He got chocolate in my peanut butter..." Man 2: "He got peanut butter in my chocolate". Zerr picked up the chocolate bar and took a bite. He was astounded he has never tasted such a amazing combination of sweets. Officer Reese's quickly pulled out his pistol and shot both victoms and drove away with his prize. Going on to make billions...
#20 November 6, 6:55 pm
Heavy definitely didn't steal that story from Family Guy, and he certainly didn't spell "victims" wrong.
#21 November 6, 10:08 pm
dustin a once epic man got bit by edward from twilight and now sparkles and is addicted to get women caught in odd necrophiliac beastiality love triangles to swing in his favor only....he also tries to off him self daily due to being a sparkly no success as edward's bite has made him into an immortal sparkly he QQ's nightly.
#22 November 6, 10:10 pm
Zerreissen pooped the bed...
#23 November 6, 10:25 pm
dustin ran out of fantastic stories or i stumped him?

anyways....dustin when a young boy was the reason pandora's box got opened...he was a curious child ....
#24 November 7, 8:44 am
On Halloween 2011. A group Nazi scientists, that survived without being captured for over 65 years after they fled to the States from the crumbling Nazi Germany, met in secret to collaborate on the biggest project of their Nazi careers. For it was on this night, deep beneath the veil of the night's cold cloak that this group of Nazi scientists sought to bring Micheal Jackson back from the dead! Oh, and did they ever succeed!

With their use of radiation in conjunction with ancient voodoo ritual, the Nazis brought the King of Pop back to the world of the living, however, he was but a monster.

Upon his resurrection, he arose form his coffin and as he came out of his long sleep he let out a loud shriek! "Heeeeee HEEE!", and jumped into the air and affixed himself to the roof of the Nazi ritual room in a backwards crab walk. He looked around at the Nazis around him gazing deeply in to each of their souls. They look up at him in horror; flesh rotten, constantly twitching, glowing green, soul deteriorated; body a husk; hollow, all in all, it was agreed by the Nazis to be the best Jackson had looked since the 1980's. However, a ghastly sight it still was.

One of the Germans summoned the courage to approach the undead king of pop, twas young Hans Yomer, a Hitler youth when he fled Germany, was but a precocious young 82 year old and was regarded as the baby among the other Nazi scientists. He walked slowly, toward Jackson still hanging from the ceiling. As he walked closer, he entered an inescapable stare with the dead eyes of the smooth criminal himself. As he came into arms length of the creature, it seized up. Where it had been all a twitter with various twitches and ticks, it suddenly became perfectly still. Hans reach up to touch the creation, as the rest of the scientists looked on. As did so, he whispered, almost to himself, but just so loud as it was audible to the other Nazis, "you-- you are ze most beautiful thing I have ever beheld." One of the more outspoken Nazis in the back of the room thought Hans had been caught up in the moment and the drama of things and such. And was indeed in need of an educated retort, for which he bellowed: "BITCH U CRAZI?!?! THAT THANG UGLY AS HEEEEEEEELL!!!". Immediately, Jackson drops to the ground. Hans falls to his back in surprise. Standing perfectly straight, arms at his sides, with his head cocked looking downward toward the ground before him. He breaks into a moonwalk and from that into a quick spin ending with a firm grab of the testicles accented by two distinct hip shuffles at the end. The judges held up scores of 9, 8.5, 9, and 10 respectively. However, it was then that he muttered under his breath the statement that would haunt small children and the faint of heart to their very core for years and years to come: "Th-- That's ignorant..."

It was at that moment he sprang into a killing frenzy the likes of which the world had never seen. None of the Nazis were spared, with the exception of Hans Yomer, who sat in horror, which then turned into strange ecstasy. He was a Nazi after all, and it isn't my job as narrator to judge the characters, only to communicate the story and their thoughts to you the reader, and lets just say he was getting all hot and bothered by the whole ordeal. After Jackson had ripped the life, as well as a good hunk of spleen, out of the last Nazi, he looked again at Hans in an almost tender loving way, but then turned a flew off into the night. Yomer collected himself, and whipped the blood of his peers, as well as various other oozes of his own creation. The narrator took great care as to downplay Hans' sadomasochism, as to make him a more lovable Nazi that the reader can more identify with! Then, Hans did give chase to the creature into the night.

At home Zerreissen (finally, I know right!) quietly enjoying the night eating popcorn, stuffing his face with candy and watching horror movies while occasionally answering the doors to trick or treaters, whom he told, with love and respect, to “Fuck off with the asking for candy shit, we're in a recession. I don't give a fuck if you are two and dressed as the Jerry Seinfeld bee from that shitty movie, I ain't given you no candy. Hey, and if you don't get no candy this Halloween, don't blame me, if I had any candy, I would give it to you. So don't blame me; blame Obama, he's the reason I don't have no candy for you alright. Yeah, so bye, and Happy Halloween, you all look real fuckin' cute in your little costumes. REMEMBER! Don't TP my bushes, TP Obama's bushes, he's the cause of all this!” Truly Zerreissen was a kind and gentile soul who was pure of heart and mind. Upon finishing his duties of answering the door, denying the children candy, and subsequently blaming Obama, he would always return back to his flat screen and resume stuffing his face candy and popcorn. Given the task to stay home alone on Halloween night would have been frightening for most, but Zerreissen was indeed the very definition brave boy! He can been told so many times by his mother after going to the dentist. He stood an imposing 5'7, dressed as the fat Asian boy from Up, he knew no one would mess with him, strutting the way he strutted, he was untouchable!

However, after a time the trick or treaters had thinned down to a trickle, and Zerreissen who had eaten his own weight in candy decided it was about time for bed. However, just as he rose from couch, he heard a strange noise. It sounded something like a “Shomana HE he, OOOOOOH.” This left Zerreissen confused. He knew it was his job to protect the house, and at worst he thought it was crack heads trying to have their way with his garden gnomes. At best he figured it could be an orgy, and just to be safe, he grabbed his shotgun and a condom, and stormed out the door!

For it was close to midnight, and something evil was lurking in the dark.
Under the moonlight, he saw a sight that almost stopped his heart.
He tried to scream, but terror took the sound before he made it.
He started to freeze, as horror looked him right between the eyes.
He was paralyzed.

The Jackson was upon him, and mistaking him for a young boy what with his scout costume and 5'7 frame, he pounced! Biting him... On the penis. A firm bitch slap dislodged the King of Pop's jaws from Zerreissen's now mangled rockin' robin. Zerreissen staggered back holding his genitalia, enrage the Jackson sprang forth to mount a second attack. However, Zerreissen quickly grabbed the shotgun which he had wisely taken with him and blew a shot through the singer's chest.

The Jackson flew back, the shell had left a large hole in it's chest. Zerreissen arose in anger, standing up walking over to the Jackson, despite his penal injury, he know he'd only have one shot at this. To deliver a quip for the ages! Drawing his shotgun up to the Jackson's head, he proclaimed “beat it, BITCH!” As he fired shell through the Jackson's skull ending the nightmare forever. Of course, he realized that his quip was terrible, and for a time he was ashamed of himself, but in the end he decided it god the job done.

However! As he stood over the Jackson in victory, he collapsed to the ground. He could feel it, his body changing, he felt his heart beat out of time, a normally solid “Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum” so monotonous and consistent that one pays it no mind had turned, began changing more and more with every passing second. Soon, he heard it: “ba ba-bum bum bum, ba ba-bum bum bum”, so familiar yet so alien to nature. Then it hit him, twas the bass-line to Thriller, and in that moment he knew he was doomed to become the monster he had just slain!

In that moment, his body erupted with pain which crippled him and drew him to the ground, all his muscles in violent uncontrollable spazzums. When all of a sudden, it stopped. He rose feeling rejuvenated wondering what had happened. He began to move his muscles again, and without meaning to he began to dance. He would spin and jive and do some of those awesome really far forward leans. He look down and a glove had mysteriously materialized itself on his right hand. What magic power is this he asked himself. Then he looked down at his beloved, and all became clear.

In spirit of Halloween he, as the fat Asian kid from Up, decided to practice the old boy scout's motto of always being prepared! When he grabbed his shotgun and condom as he was exiting his home, in hopes of an orgy, he decided to put the condom on before he left the house, as that way he not have to bother with it when he reached the orgy that was surely awaiting him. In fact, it was that condom that saved his life. For it was it that deflected the bite of the Jackson, thus saving Zerreissen from zombiehood. He realized he must of still been affected by the radiation given off by the his presence, there by infusing him with the powers of Micheal Jackson! Zerreissen knew that was lucky to be alive and that he must use his newly found powers for good!

Hans Yomer, witnessing the great battle and the death of his beloved vowed revenge against Zerreissen. Hans Yomer would go on reform the Nazi party in the St. Louis underground, never halting, never stopping until the day he would see Zerreissen suffer the way he suffered watching his creation die.

Bitten by a radioactive Micheal Jackson, Zerreissen, taking on the identity of the masked vigilantly The Moonwalker, fights against the forces of Nazis and general ignorance, remaining ever vigilant in his struggle! For by Autumn moon's light, and Billie Jean's might, no ignorance shall escape the Moonwalker's sight!

The moral of this story? Always use a condom kids, you could get super powers!

Quote of Zerreissen:
dustin ran out of fantastic stories or i stumped him?

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#25 November 7, 10:53 am
dustin did not troll my page with notifications, and then i looked, i saw a nazi story.

i like sauer kraut.
*~Hannah Babehhh~*

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#26 November 7, 11:42 am
wookie is a long time larp fan....she is the nightelf mohawk!
#27 November 7, 11:52 am
lol Zerreissen picks his nose!
*~Hannah Babehhh~*

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#28 November 7, 12:02 pm
who doesn't even f it is in secret? Tongue

Wookie Hates CoD with every fiber of her being...the way it should be!
#29 November 7, 12:18 pm
LOL Zerreissen wears Depends >.>
*~Hannah Babehhh~*

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#30 November 7, 10:48 pm
lol wow thats a shitty lie....pun is intended...

wookie enjoys going to donkey shows every saturday.
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