Hey everyone! I'm Jeremy the owner of GameKrib.com! I live in Milwaukee, WI and obviously love playing videogames. I primarily play on Xbox One, but also dabble with mobile games when I have downtime during my day job. I have two cats named Hunter and Smoker, which I will feature in my photo section a lot, like a crazy cat lady. If you're asking, yes the cats are named after the two zombie bosses in the Left 4 Dead game.

I currently go by Jergsaw for my Gamertag on Xbox which mixes my first name and my love for the SAW movie franchise.

I hope you enjoy your time here and always feel free to contact me with whatever you want or need.

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Gretchen McKitty

Howdy squares. I'm Gretchen, I play Xbox (PithyRumble) mostly. Couple of Wii games, SNES ( still have one ) But I do have a Steam and PSN profile but I'd have to check to make sure I spelled it right. 

Outside of gaming, I like loud music, memes Surfing and Skating with a splash of car nerd.

Gaming before it was cool...

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Jeremy Koch

Oh hai there. You forgot to make your own thread. :P

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