Kyle Wood

What's up everyone it's Kyle aka s9ecia7k! I've been around here within the gamekrib/gamernook scene for a long time ! 


I'm 27 years old I reside in the sunshine state of Florida! I currently have a puppy and a cat. I work at my local animal shelter full time with the dogs. I'm working on getting back into school to become a vet tech so that in a year or two I can open up an animal rescue!


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Josh Norris

I haven't got a clue how to pronounce that gamer tag of yours but that puppy is cute as all hell. What breed is it? 

Kyle Wood

Haha it's pronounced special k . I've had the nickname and came up with the spelling about 15 years ago! That's my puppy Bear. He is a Rottweiler German Shepherd Husky mix. He's currently 15 weeks old!